Friday, 8 June 2012

We Need To Run A Bypass!

Okay, so Dimedroll sent me a bunch of demos of gameplay (that was amazing feedback).

A lot of you seem to like the look of the levels.

One problem is lag. I'm addressing a lot of that now. Some of that is caused, frankly, by the aliens - the buzzers in Mission 3 have issues which spam the audio engine. That would need coding work to address.

Second problem - which you don't realize - is that none of the dialogue is coming through. The missions are full of hints and instructions for what to do - especially the last mission (Mission 5). They are supposed to appear as pop-up balloons. All those times that the Commander screen comes on, there is dialogue giving you clues what to do next. I used env_instructor_hints all through, and they work in single-player, but they just aren't rendering out in the multiplayer. (What can I say? Argh, Source SDK...)

The other thing is, you're missing the story, too because of this! The Marines talk to the Commander - but you're hearing none of it. (Damn... Very frustrating.) There's a story going on...

My ultimate goal is to turn this into a standalone conversion, so I am interested in hearing from talented Source developers who would like to join the project. I'll probably try to replace those hints with actual recorded dialogue as well - though that will be a lot of work, too.

What I want to do is fund all future development of this - to pay developers - through a Kickstarter campaign. Just because it's a lot of work to do. The plan is for another 8 levels on top of this.

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