Friday, 8 June 2012

Okay Marines, We're Goin' To Get Some! REDUCTION IS LIVE!

(Please see the Update below.)

Yes, you heard the man! GET ON THE READY LINE!

Get Reduction here now!

(Right in time for Prometheus, too.)

See the installation instructions here...

To those hardcore types who blast through this, give me feedback here:

General Feedback:

Technical Feedback:

(And I sincerely hope the crawlers don't tear you too much of a new one...)


(Friday 8 June 2012) Version 1.1 is coming shortly - hopefully by tonight or tomorrow!

Initial feedback shows that Mission 4 - the "train mission" - is lagging badly. Going back over that, I know the cause of the problem (too many moving entities), and I'll get on that (will remove moving entities and consolidate the moving scenery into fewer entities). It should be fixed with Version 1-1.

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