Sunday, 10 June 2012

Primary Coupler's Released... Version 1.4 Is Up!

Just released Version 1.4. Get it here...

  • Nuked the f*** out of Mission 4 (the Train Mission). All the treadmilling 3D scenery is GONE! (I told you I nuked it.) Now it's just a flat slab of bsp in a skybox with a scrolling texture (of the same 3D scenery). This should really cut down on the net traffic. It's not quite as pretty, but it gets the idea across: you're on a moving train - now let's get down to killing aliens.
  • Reduced the difficulty of spawners in Mission 4 - including cutting down a lot of the buzzers (thanks enex for the suggestion). 
I still have to revise the spawners for Missions 1 and 3, but I'll do that later. For the time being, I suggest you don't go harder than "Hard" - as that is kindof equivalent to regular Alien Swarm "Insane".

Will also raise the ceilings on Mission 1 in some spots, to make them more grenade launcher friendly. (But remember: Mission 1 isn't an outdoors mission - it's a space station. A grenade launcher might not be the best weapon to use inside a cramped space station. I always respect the invisible fourth wall [which is the ceiling in a top-down shooter].)

Anyway, 5 releases in 3 days... I am now going to go take a little time off and watch Prometheus... Finally!

Have fun killing crawlers.


  1. oh ,update very fast~~i hope new mission~~

  2. Hi,

    mission 4 still too lagy..
    i tested v1.4 on my host ("create public game"), played solo
    net_graph 1 -> pings 300-500.. its horible and sic.

    but your maps are cool, respect.

  3. Harry, did you delete the old vpk? Are you certain about that?

    At what point does the mission get too laggy?

  4. v1.4 its my first version, i didnt try older version.

    beginning of the mission: rendering problems (?) the wagon sometimes isnt transparent, the background is black. After 30 seconds you can see all the scenery, ~ 200ms pings. First land aliens - ping ~500ms (my english is weak, sory, i used google translate for this fragment of text)