Sunday, 17 June 2012

Drake, Check Your Camera... (WHAM!)... That's Good... (Version 1.5 Is Online Now)

Okay, after a bumpy first week, I've uploaded version 1.5. Get it here:

Changes since the beginning:
  • Fixed lag issues in Missions 4 (the Train Mission) and 5. (Most of this came down to the animated NPC drones skittering along the bottom of the train, in the former case, and the animated Marine "extras" in the latter case.)
  • Conformed the bug spawning to the Alien Swarm standard - basically removed the tiers of spawners that activate only higher levels of difficulty. This should cut down on masses of drones being spawned when you play on Insane and Brutal modes (thus reducing lag).
  • Raised the ceiling in the larger rooms in Mission 1. (Against my better judgement. Look closely: Can you can see those light fixtures on the invisible ceiling over the Marines head? That means there's a ceiling there. It's invisible not because there is no ceiling, but only so you can see the Marines [it's what is called the "invisible fourth wall" in theatre - so the audience can see the action]. So if there's an implied ceiling there, I'm not sure why anyone would expect a grenade launcher shell would just pass through it as if there was no ceiling... But hey, give 'em what they want...)
  • Made the boxcar weaker, so it's faster to cut in Mission 5.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chainsaws to disappear unexpectedly in Mission 5.
  • Put in a better sky for the final scene of Mission 5.
  • Allowed you to get to the battle scene in Mission 5, sooner. (May switch this back.)
  • Fixed captions not showing up (provided YOU have your Game Instructor enabled!).
  • Removed the joysticks on the crane prop in Mission 5 (just to make it more implicit how to control the crane: you stand on floor pads, kind of like "dance dance revolution" but for cranes).
  • Stripped away a lot of the scrolling scenery in Mission 4 (to cut down on lag).
  • Reduced the number of buzzers on Mission 4 (thanks to enex for this suggestion).
  • Other minor glitches here and there.
I hope you enjoy this version, and please do send me feedback.

I'm expecting the Kickstarter campaign to start in the next week or so - to make it possible to continue Reduction.

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