Thursday, 28 June 2012

All right! Gear up! Two minutes people. Get HOT!

Offworld Drop Marines... Listen up!

My latest build of Reduction - Version 1-point-6.


Changes are:
  • Improved the Escape Pod drop sequence... Now you (hopefully) won't be bouncing out of the ceiling as you're being blasted through the floor in an escape pod. But also, now you'll hear the call to get ready...
  • Altered the buzzer spawn parameters in Mission 3: fewer buzzers, but each is stronger. There were complaints of lag, and frankly it comes down to the terrible audio coding on this NPC monster: the buzzer. It's audio output is lagging the game servers (sorry mappers: not even setting it go gag works, as the gag ceases when the NPC becomes "angry"). Anyway - I just reduced the number to try to cut down on lag for that part of Mission 3.
Thanks, in particular, to DimedRoll - for your excellent feedback...

Get the download here:


  1. Hi, congratulation - amazing campaign.
    v1.6 is really good - no lags, finally :}

    When will be the second mission (mission nr 2) ?

    Many dedicated servers doesn't have new version :(

    If u need player for testing your new maps write to me please (steam nick: Grimowy).
    I want help in development process but i don't know SDK..

    Good job, i wait for next awesome maps :}

  2. Thanks Grimowy. The community has given me a lot of help regarding tech feedback.

    I will need help eventually, and will be posting a notice on that. It is also a good idea to do your own Alien Swarm mapping, if you want to get a feel for it.

    I'll also keep you abreast of the production on Mission 2 and how that is going. It will be a big release.