Thursday, 27 September 2012

"This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training." Reduction Feedback: The Gamers (and Veterans) Have Spoken...

(The line Ripley uses when she coaches the always pessimistic Hudson to stop doomsaying.)

(And yes, the last one IS authentic...)

"Damn it looks nice! Do you agree guys? It's looking pretty pretty good!" --- enex (in-game comment)

"I have to say but this is just.....THE ONE THING THAT IS COMPLETELY AWESOME! Keep up the good work!Definatley going to support this project!" --- Anonymous

"Impressive work there. Keep it up." --- Anonymous

"Fantastic work!... Valve to should learn from you!" --- Diggy246

"it seems so cool :) cant wait for it" --- SuperCitrons

"Looks amazing. I can't wait for you to release this!" --- Internet Gay Mom

"im a veteran AS player tho havent played since long. but good job!" --- Anonymous

"oh ,update very fast~~i hope new mission~~" --- Anonymous

"now this is some awesome shit!" --- Anonymous

"Wooooo!!!!! Nice :)!" ---Anonymous

"Hi, congratulation - amazing campaign. Good job, i wait for next awesome maps :}" --- Grimowy

"...your maps are cool, respect." --- Harry

"Very nice 4 maps Tim. Looking forward to the rest. More cut scenes planned?" --- Shocky Zulu

"I see you are thinking big, but I totally support you in this..." --- Ezechiel

"ok. it's nice map! good work man =)" ---с Днем Варенья меня =)

"I hope you achieve your goal of making this a whole new game." --- madclown

"Looks promising. Upvote for this..." ---nefarita

"nice campaign )" ---Ghost Apple

"smells like a successful kickstarter campaign XD" --- WIAnde

"keep it up. good job." ---NaVy

██████▀░░░░▀▀████       "

--- apostolisplevras and Zelle

"I have to say that I am impressed by that dedication..." --- Zelle

"I can has please?" --- TheToneWanderer

"It's look likes so good ! Thumbs up !" --- Springem

"YES ! :D" --- M.Drake Harket

"+ 100%" --- /) L I E N K I Y

"YES!" --- HeadClot

"Looks good! Bring it on *Thumbs-up*" ---

"...i have played with my friends,They give very high evaluation on your map!!"  --- hddyx

"Looks good.  You’ve been working hard!" --- dp (David Perry)

Comments are from...

- The Reduction blog (
- The various Youtube videos for Reduction (linked from this blog)
- The Reduction Steam Greenlight page (
- The Steampowered forum thread for Reduction (
- Private emails

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