Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"All Right People, Let's Move Like We Got A Purpose": Reduction V2: New Mission Is Online Now!

You heard the man! A new mission in the Reduction campaign is in the drop hanger.

So what are you waiting for!?! Go here and download that motherhumper! 

Come on people! Move it, move it! Go here. Download. Go here. Download.

Planned from the beginning (two years ago), this is Mission 2. Featured in the most recent trailer (click here). This is why the campaign released in April had the puzzling structure of Missions 1, 3, 4 and 5.

It's a prequel mission... Be prepared to experience your first bugwar combat drop in the top-down shooter genre! And I mean a full mother-effing drop, bro! From 50,000 metres watching the pretty 300 kilo bomb explosions going off like Holiday Tree lights below you... To that gutsucking feeling you get as you rapidly decelerate, the ship quivering nearly to pieces around you, into what you are realizing is a hot dropzone surrounded by extremely violent xenomorphs!

That's what this is. If you play this new mission right after Mission 1 -- as part of the actual campaign in sequence, not just skipping ahead to it, and also playing through the remaining 3 missions afterwards -- you will get the full effect I'm intending. (Spoiler [highlight to see]: I want you to feel like you are involved in an actual it-goddamn-feels-for-real WAR... Something with epic scope! I want you to feel like you are there inside an ongoing bug war. One that is this close to seeing the human race wiped out of existence.)

Anyway, check your loadout Marines. Take your stations. Weapons on safe... Don't worry... You're just on this dropship because it happens to be headed to your next comfy posting... Hopefully in time for a beer at the mess... I mean, it's not going to actually... you know... Drop! You won't need these weapons... But regulations... (Sigh.) Pain-in-the-ass regulations. The book says and so we must do. The manual says that while within any rated Tactical or Infested Area -- including onboard flights over said Areas -- all Offworld Drop Marine personnel must always be loaded out to Combatant Status, Frontline, Tier Red.

And Mission 2 is when you will learn why...

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