Monday, 3 September 2012

Ten Seconds, People! Look Sharp! (V1.9 Online; Kickstarter Imminent)

Tomorrow Kickstarter for Reduction goes live, along with a new video trailer.

In the meantime, I'm releasing this: Version 1.9 of Reduction. Development based on your feedback of a month. Changelist:

  • Added and changed the clipping in Mission 1, to keep folks from exploiting places where the bugs can't get to, and to keep them from getting trapped. (Thanks Jster.)
  • Set the "Grub Sacs" in Mission 3 (the tower mission) to not burst. The lack of Grubs now reduces lag quite a lot. (Thanks to DimedRoll for finding this.)
  • A few minor entity changes.
  • Fixed the non-solid sliding door in Mission 4 (the train mission) - it's now solid to players. (Jster again.)
Get it here:

...And have fun owning bugs!

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