Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Running Back to the Ready Line... Move it! (Mission 6 is Go!)

Marines, prepare to jump off!

The Payload is prepped and waiting...

Support assets are in place... We're talkin' air support... artillery support... command-control...

I know you've been anxious to move out.

So let's go...

(Get Reduction V3.3 here: That's in the "get Reduction" page of this blog...)


  1. Is there some kind of changelog for the new version?

  2. Basically, here's the changelog...

    - Added Mission 6... (huge change)
    - Added improvements and polish to Missions 2 through 5...
    ---- Improved lighting in all Missions 2 through 5
    ---- New sound design Mission 3
    ---- Improvements to gameplay and networking in Mission 5