Sunday, 30 September 2012

"Well, we've gotta get the other dropship..." Reduction V2.1 Has Jumped Off

Okay, folks. Possibly the last version of Reduction, the way things are looking.

Here you are: Version 2.1  (Clicky).

Play it. Have fun. Feedback is always appreciated. If you like it, please support it.


Mission 2
  • Fixed dropship jet engine sounds not running in the vpk version.
  • Constrained the shadow effects slightly. (Had reports of crashes that weren't caused by lag. My suspicion is the intense shadow effects of the paraflares are overloading shadow memory on some players' GPU.)
Mission 3
  • Increased the drone spawning, but optimized it as well. This mission should be tougher now (more bugs to fight), but without a notable increase in lag.
Mission 4
  • Greatly decreased the number of flying buzzers, which were annoying and making this mission particularly difficult.
Mission 5
  • Altered the bomb prop to hopefully reduce stuttering (lag) as the player in the crane transports it from the boxcar to its destination.

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