Saturday, 9 June 2012

Version 1.3 Is Online!

Get the latest version - V1-3 - here...


  • Fixed Mission 1 Objectives. (The "Go To The Docking Office" objective wouldn't complete if you cut the Docking Office door down - meaning that you couldn't finish the mission at the end. Now it completes whether you open the door or chainsaw it down.)
  • Fixed Mission 4 (the Train Mission) lag. (I mistakenly put up the wrong version of Mission 4 in V1-2. This time I for-real have stripped out most of the entities that are causing lag.)
  • FIXED THE DIALOGUE! Now you actually can see the in-game dialogue captions - spoken by the Pilot ("BigDog") and the Marines and so on. This dialogue gives instructions what to do in critical moments - so early reports of players getting lost should be resolved now.
The Difficulty Levels: Something I'm not sure of yet: the difficulty levels:

People are going into Reduction and setting it to play on Insane, Insane Onslaught, Brutal and Brutal Onslaught thinking this is normal Alien Swarm.

One of the complaints of Valve's Alien Swarm was that it was too easy - even on those high difficulty levels.

In Reduction I made it so that "Insane" and "Brutal" are actually and truly insane and brutal. Do not go into those levels thinking they are normal Valve levels - they will eat you alive!

However, this is causing some lag because there are SO many drones being spawned. So I'm still debating what to do about that. Your feedback is welcome.

One last thing: This campaign is still in beta! It's not finished yet, so please weather the glitches and so on.

Have fun and send me feedback!

Thanks to those initial players who are helping out. It's been a bumpy launch - just because it rolled out without any multiplayer playtesting prior to you guys playing it.

Especially thanks to DimedRoll for his demos (totally indispensable feedback), and Victim for his dedicated server.

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