Sunday, 5 August 2012

Where's the damn beacon?... Oh I see it. (Version 1.8 up)

(Spooky music as you see the ghostly surface of the planet - which you just know is overrun with scarey aliens - come into view beneath you...)

Okay folks, I've gone in and fixed Mission 3 (in which you begin having crashlanded on Earth). Get it here, as usual...

  • Overhauled all of the spawning on Mission 3. To reduce LAAAGGG! It's a little easier now, but more importantly playable. (Tough mission because the bugs are running around a lot in the open lawns and parking lots, and being alive so long means they generate more traffic.)
(All of this tech-support updating is going to pay off on future maps.)

Thanks to DimedRoll for giving me a kick in the ass to deal with this.

Also, new trailer inbound shortly.

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